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A Free Solana Mobile 'Chapter 2': Airdrop Tokens Value Tick Above the Phone Price

Airdrops temporarily cover cost of Solana Mobile ‘Chapter 2’

Owners of Solana’s upcoming 'Chapter 2' mobile device recently experienced an unexpected financial boon as airdrops from several cat-themed memecoin projects briefly covered and even exceeded the device’s pre-order cost.

Key takeaways:

  • Solana Mobile 'Chapter 2' device pre-orders were effectively paid off by airdrops from memecoin projects.
  • Memecoin values fluctuated significantly, highlighting the volatile nature of cryptocurrency investments.
  • The initiative reflects a unique marketing strategy linking cryptocurrency incentives with product pre-orders.

Holders of pre-orders for Solana’s ‘Chapter 2’ mobile device found the cost of their upcoming phones covered by airdrops from two cat-themed memecoin projects, MEW and Maneki. Initially priced at $450, the device became a profitable venture for its buyers when the value of the airdropped tokens, at their peak, exceeded this amount.


On April 1, MEW distributed 37,600 tokens to each device holder, which reached a high of $334. Similarly, on April 24, each holder received 5,199 MANEKI tokens, which soared to a value of $269 the following day. Including additional tokens from another project, Wuffi, the total value of airdrops per holder briefly rose to $480, according to valuation data from This event not only offset the initial cost of the device but also provided a small profit, showcasing an intriguing overlap between tech pre-orders and crypto incentives.

Market fluctuations and long-term implications for device owners

While the initial surge in memecoin values brought unexpected gains to Solana Mobile ‘Chapter 2’ holders, the subsequent decline in token prices illustrates the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies. MEW's value decreased to $220, and MANEKI dropped to $124 at current rates, reflecting the rapid fluctuations typical of the crypto market. This scenario underscores the speculative nature of such investments and the temporary benefits they can offer. 

Additionally, the historical context of Solana's first mobile device, the 'Saga,' which also saw a significant price increase from the Bonk (BONK) memecoin rally last year, suggests a recurring strategy of leveraging crypto airdrops to boost product appeal and sales. 

This marketing approach not only enhances initial sales but also integrates consumer tech with blockchain technology, fostering a deeper connection between the company’s products and the cryptocurrency ecosystem.