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Bitcoin Sets a Transaction Volume Record: 1.6 Million Payments Processed in a Day

Record-breaking day for Bitcoin transactions

The Bitcoin network achieved a new milestone in daily transactions, spurred by the innovative Bitcoin Runes, signaling robust use and growing diversification within the network.

Key takeaways:

  • Bitcoin network processed a record 1.6 million transactions on April 23, influenced by the launch of Bitcoin Runes.
  • Bitcoin Runes transactions contributed significantly to the spike, marking a notable shift in network activity.

On April 23, just three days into its new halving cycle, the Bitcoin network experienced unprecedented activity by processing over 1.6 million transactions. This surge in transactions coincides with the increasing adoption of Bitcoin for everyday purchases and the recent introduction of Bitcoin Runes, a new protocol built on the Bitcoin blockchain.

According to data from and Glassnode, there is a direct correlation between the spike in transactions and the launch of Bitcoin Runes, which served as an alternative to Bitcoin Ordinals and the BRC-20 protocol. On the day of the record, Runes accounted for 81.3% of all Bitcoin transactions, showcasing its significant impact on the network's dynamics.

The impact of Bitcoin Runes and market response

By April 29, the composition of transactions on the Bitcoin network saw Bitcoin reclaiming 77.8% of transactions, with Runes contributing 18.8%. The remaining transactions were split between ordinals (1.2%) and BRC-20 (2.3%). This shift has notably benefited the mining industry, with firms like Stronghold Digital Mining and Marathon citing financial and functional gains from the increased transaction fees associated with Runes, which have added over 1,200 BTC in transaction fees since the new halving cycle began.

Despite the initial excitement around Runes, the market shows signs of normalization. Pseudonymous DeFi researcher Ignas commented on the phenomenon, noting potential parallels with past market cycles: "Runestone, RSIC, and PUPS are already pumping, promising holders shiny new Rune token airdrops... But, like the NFT frenzy post-JPEG reveal, the market could soon cool off."

Runes and BRC-20 tokens represent new standards aimed at enhancing Bitcoin's utility, introducing a novel concept known as Bitcoin DeFi (BTCFi), which could redefine Bitcoin's role in the decentralized finance landscape.