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Cardano Eyes Bitcoin Cash Integration: Hoskinson's X Poll Gauges Community Interest

Cardano seeks to enhance Bitcoin Cash: integration proposal gathers steam

Charles Hoskinson engages the crypto community in a discussion about potentially integrating Bitcoin Cash with Cardano, reflecting on future blockchain collaborations.

Key takeaways:

  • Charles Hoskinson proposes a Cardano and Bitcoin Cash integration, receiving broad community support through a social media poll.
  • Technical and consensus challenges need addressing to realize the proposed partnership amid significant upcoming upgrades to Cardano.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently took to the X social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, to gauge interest in a potential integration between Cardano and Bitcoin Cash. Hoskinson's "hypothetical poll" asked the crypto community if they would support Bitcoin Cash becoming a Cardano "Partnerchain" enhanced with various advanced blockchain technologies. The poll quickly attracted attention, garnering over 12,000 votes within the first 24 hours, with 66.3% of respondents expressing approval.

The proposed integration would upgrade Bitcoin Cash with "Useful Proof of Work Leios, NiPoPoWs, and Ergo tech," aiming to make it the 

"fastest and most useful proof of work chain ever built." 

Hoskinson's vision reflects a broader trend of using social media polls to influence decision-making, a strategy popularized by figures like Elon Musk. Ben Scherrey, founder and CTO of blockchain firm Biggest Lab, commented on the synergy between the two chains, noting their shared UTXO model which could enhance scalability and decentralization.

Technical and community challenges ahead

While the initial response from the community has been favorable, the practicalities of forming such a partnership raise complex technical and consensus challenges. The term "partnerchain" suggests that Bitcoin Cash would need significant modifications to bridge or cross-chain with Cardano, requiring agreement on technical details between both development teams. Additionally, achieving consensus among stakeholders and developers on both sides remains a critical hurdle.

As Cardano gears up for significant updates, including the "Chang" hardfork and a new proof-of-stake model called "Ouroboros Leios" slated for the second quarter of 2024, Hoskinson's social media activity highlights strategic discussions about the blockchain's future. These developments come at a time when Cardano has been criticized by some in the crypto community, with influencers like Ben "Bitboy" Armstrong referring to the blockchain as "dead," a claim Hoskinson has publicly rebutted.