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Kamino Announces KMNO Token Airdrop for April on Solana Network

Crypto enthusiasts are counting down hours to the Kamino airdrop

Hold onto your crypto wallets, DeFi degens, the Kamino airdrop is nigh. A treasure trove of $KMNO tokens awaits the chosen ones, so when is Kamino airdrop?In April, the Solana DeFi protocol Kamino is set to distribute its KMNO token through an airdrop, targeting participants who have actively engaged with the platform. A total of 7% of KMNO's total supply, which is earmarked for this event, will be allocated based on the points accumulated by users. 

Thomas explained, a Kamino contributor, during a Solana developer call:

"The amount of points you have will contribute to the amount of tokens you will get," 

He stressed the introduction of mechanisms to deter sybil attacks by airdrop farmers, ensuring a fair distribution among genuine participants. Scheduled after a snapshot on March 31, this airdrop is a testament to Kamino’s commitment to rewarding its community and encouraging further engagement within its ecosystem.

Impact and future plans of Kamino's KMNO token

Upon its April release, the KMNO token is set to revolutionize Kamino's ecosystem by serving as a crucial governance asset. 

Thomas detailed in a recent discussion:

"From launch day, KMNO token holders will have influence over Kamino's incentive programs, revenue disbursements, protocol operations, and risk management," 

With a strategic allocation of 10% of its total supply for immediate circulation and an additional 7% for initial community distribution, KMNO positions itself at the heart of Kamino’s operations. Furthermore, Kamino is planning for the future with subsequent airdrop "seasons," aiming to bolster loyalty and sustained engagement among its users. This initiative not only enhances the token's utility but also solidifies the protocol’s commitment to its growing community.