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Marathon Digital Launches Anduro: A New Layer-2 Network for Merge-Mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin gets a boost: mining giant unveils Anduro, a game-changing Layer-2 network

Marathon Digital, a leader in crypto mining, has unveiled its latest venture into Bitcoin scalability: the Anduro layer-2 network. Aimed at propelling Bitcoin development and adoption to new heights, Anduro emerges as a multifaceted solution incubated by Marathon Digital. As announced in a detailed blog post on February 28, this innovative platform is designed to serve as a foundational application layer, sparking a wave of innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem by facilitating the creation of diverse sidechains.

The essence of Anduro lies in its dual purpose: to accelerate Bitcoin's development and to cultivate a breeding ground for innovation. This programmable layer-2 network stands out by systematically incorporating decentralized governance, positioning itself as the pinnacle of reliability and developer-friendliness in the Bitcoin layer-two space. Marathon Digital's commitment to Anduro's development underscores a strategic move towards community-led and driven initiatives, reflecting a broader vision for the future of Bitcoin scalability.

By embracing merge-mining, Anduro introduces a groundbreaking approach that allows miners to simultaneously earn revenue from sidechain transactions while continuing their Bitcoin mining operations. This novel system not only enhances profitability for miners like Marathon but also significantly contributes to the robustness and sustainability of the Bitcoin network.

As the first two sidechains, Coordinate and Alys, begin to take shape under Anduro's umbrella, they promise to offer unique solutions to existing challenges. Coordinate aims to provide a cost-effective UTXO stack tailored for the Ordinals community, while Alys is set to become an Ethereum-compatible sidechain focused on the tokenization of institutional assets.

Governance: a new era for Bitcoin

Fred Thiel, Marathon Chairman and CEO, emphasized the company's dedication to fostering innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

 Thiel remarked:

"We believe in testing, iterating, and letting the market decide what ideas succeed," 

He further highlighted Anduro's potential to deliver substantial value to Bitcoin holders and application developers, bolstering the long-term viability of Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism. Thiel's vision for Anduro is clear: to serve as a catalyst for sustainable innovation and growth within the Bitcoin community.

Governance on the Anduro platform is designed to be inclusive and forward-thinking, initially orchestrated by a diverse consortium of Bitcoin-centric entities known as the Collective. This governance model ensures that a wide array of perspectives and interests are represented, fostering a robust and decentralized decision-making process. However, the platform is poised for evolution, with plans to transition to trustless alternatives once they attain production readiness.

The development and planned release of the first two sidechains, Coordinate and Alys, signify Marathon's proactive stance in addressing specific needs within the crypto ecosystem. 

Marathon Digital is actively seeking partnerships with influential and aligned entities, aiming to spearhead the next wave of Bitcoin adoption and innovation. This strategy reflects a broader industry trend, where layer-2 narratives, especially those enhancing Bitcoin's functionality and scalability, gain momentum and attract significant attention.

The recent unveiling of Marathon's direct Bitcoin transaction service, "Slipstream," alongside the surge in tokens related to Bitcoin scaling projects, highlights the growing enthusiasm for solutions like Anduro. With the backdrop of heightened interest in Ordinals and BRC-20, Anduro's launch represents a timely and strategic move by Marathon Digital, positioning the company and the Bitcoin ecosystem for a future marked by expanded capabilities and unprecedented growth.