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MicroStrategy Plans to Buy Another $500 Million Worth of Bitcoin Through Bond Offering

Title: MicroStrategy Plans to Buy Another $500 Million Worth of Bitcoin Through Bond Offering

Description: MicroStrategy announces a new $500 million bond offering aimed at expanding its Bitcoin portfolio, reinforcing Michael Saylor's belief in BTC as the ultimate investment asset.

MicroStrategy’s appetite for Bitcoin: a $500 million to put on the plate 

MicroStrategy is doubling down on its commitment to Bitcoin, announcing a bold plan to raise another $500 million via a bond offering, as stated in a March 13 press release. This move comes shortly after the company successfully completed a $700 million bond sale, utilizing the proceeds to acquire an additional 12,000 Bitcoin, valued at $821 million. The fervor for Bitcoin doesn't stop there; the company's total holdings now amass to 205,000 BTC, equivalent to nearly $15 billion at current valuations.

The offering, set to mature on March 15, 2031, provides investors with semi-annual interest payments and includes an option for an extra $75 million in notes, contingent on market conditions and demand. From September 15, 2028, these notes can be converted into MicroStrategy's class A common stock or cash, offering flexibility and potential upside to investors.

Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy's founder and executive chairman, reinforces the strategy, emphasizing Bitcoin as the "apex property." Saylor's approach is clear: 

"whoever gets the most Bitcoin wins." 

This statement underscores the company's aggressive investment stance, viewing Bitcoin not just as an asset but as the pinnacle of property in the digital age.

Bitcoin as the ultimate asset: Michael Saylor's vision

Saylor's investment philosophy extends beyond mere speculation; he views Bitcoin as a foundational asset that surpasses even gold and real estate in terms of value preservation and growth potential. According to Saylor, the global transition towards hard assets is inevitable for those looking to safeguard and enhance their wealth, with Bitcoin leading the charge as the premier store of value.

He further predicts a seismic shift in the cryptocurrency's market capitalization, foreseeing a ten to one-hundred-fold increase over the next decade as it draws from the world's $900 trillion wealth pool. This projection places Bitcoin on a trajectory to not only rival but potentially surpass gold's market cap.

Saylor's unwavering belief in Bitcoin's future underscores a broader conviction within the crypto community: that Bitcoin is not merely an investment, but a revolutionary asset class poised for unprecedented growth and adoption.