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The Bitcoin Breaks $53,000, Ethereum Above $3,000 as Crypto Rally Heats Up: It's Green Lights Across the Board as the Rally Resumes

Bitcoin sets the pace as the cryptocurrency rally gains momentum

The tide seems to be turning in the cryptocurrency market. After months of seller dominance, buyers are finally wrestling back control, sparking a potential bull run. This shift could propel Bitcoin (BTC) towards the long-awaited $100,000 mark, and pave the way for many altcoins, both established and new, to revisit and potentially surpass their all-time highs. 

The cryptocurrency market is currently displaying exceptional health, with its total market capitalization surpassing a staggering $2.6 trillion. This represents a remarkable 3.5% increase in the last 24 hours, showcasing a significant surge in investor confidence. Bitcoin, the market leader, has experienced an even more impressive uptick, with its market capitalization climbing by 3.92% to reach $1.05 trillion. Additionally, Bitcoin's dominance has rebounded to 51% after a brief dip.


Crypto Market Heatmap. Source: Coin360.

Casting a glance at the heatmap paints a clear picture: Bitcoin and the majority of altcoins are basking in the green light, fueled by enthusiastic buyers stepping on the gas pedal. This week is shaping up to be bullish for the cryptocurrency market, but a cautious approach is still warranted. It's essential to acknowledge the possibility of a "bull trap," where an initial surge entices investors, followed by a sudden price drop.

Bitcoin (BTC) 


BTC/USDT Chart. Source: Tradingview.

Examining Bitcoin's (BTC) 1-week chart reveals an interesting story. After finding support in the liquidity zone, the price attempted to break through resistance at $44,000, facing a brief rejection. This was followed by a surge to $52,000 where it encountered another hurdle, albeit weak, which was easily overcome at the beginning of the week. While buyers appear to be setting their sights on $55,000, a note of caution is necessary. The rally that began in mid-October has already pushed the price well above the 200- and 50-period EMAs, indicating it might be overextended. This suggests a potential correction could be on the horizon, despite the current bullish momentum.


Bitcoin ETF inflows. Source: CoinShares.

The ongoing BTC price rally is largely attributed to substantial capital inflows tied to spot Bitcoin ETFs. CoinShares' latest report highlights a significant $598 million influx into institutional Bitcoin investment products over the past week. Additionally, crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs) have seen their fourth consecutive week of inflows. The year-to-date inflows now surpass a staggering $5.7 billion, showcasing growing institutional interest in Bitcoin exposure through spot ETFs. Institutions favored products offered by BlackRock, ARK Invest, Grayscale, Bitwise, ProShares, Fidelity, and 21Shares between Feb. 19 and Feb. 23, though outflows briefly slowed the trend at the end of last week.

Ethereum (ETH) 


ETH/USDT 1-week chart. Source: Tradingview.

Ethereum (ETH) has experienced an exceptional three weeks, surging over 35% in value. This upswing aligns with our previous prediction, suggesting a major rally upon a breakout above the ascending channel. As anticipated, ETH successfully breached this resistance, and its price promptly surged, testing the $3,000 mark. Now, its sights are set on $3,500, a significant hurdle that previously triggered a sharp decline to $900 in April 2022. While the momentum is undoubtedly bullish, it's crucial to acknowledge the potential for resistance at this critical level.

The Ethereum futures are booming on major exchanges like Binance and Bybit, hitting record highs for open interest, according to The Block's data. This means more people are putting money down on future Ethereum prices, suggesting growing confidence and participation in the market. This trend might be driven by a few things:

  • Investors seeking potentially higher returns in the volatile crypto market through leveraged positions offered by ETH futures.
  • Anticipation surrounding the possibility of spot Ether ETFs being approved this spring and the upcoming Dencun upgrade, which are boosting overall bullish sentiment for ETH.
  • The recent crossing of the $3,000 mark for ETH, seen as a positive sign by many investors and potentially stimulating further buying.

This record-breaking open interest suggests a growing interest in Ethereum and reinforces the ongoing bullish sentiment for the second largest cryptocurrency.