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Renzo’s ezETH Becomes Yet Another Liquid Restaking Token That Suffers Depegging

ezETH depegging brings one lucky trader $400,000 in profit

Renzo Protocol's ezETH experienced a significant price depeg on April 24, temporarily disrupting its price stability amid the end of a major airdrop event.

Key takeaways:

  • ezETH's price briefly dropped to $688 on Uniswap before regaining parity with ETH.
  • The incident, linked to the end of Renzo's Season 1 airdrop, highlights vulnerabilities in liquid restaking tokens.
  • A crypto trader capitalized on the depeg, netting nearly $400,000 in profit from the event.

On April 24, Renzo Protocol’s ezETH token witnessed a sudden price drop, falling to a low of $688 on the Uniswap exchange. This price shift occurred shortly after the conclusion of Renzo’s Season 1 airdrop, prompting a broader sell-off as participants moved to convert their holdings back to ETH. 

Pseudonymous crypto analyst Tommy suggested: 

"Sell-off likely caused by the conclusion of Season 1 Airdrop, users want to get back $ETH to farm other [liquid restaking tokens] LRT/protocols.” 

Renzo, being the second-largest liquid restaking protocol with over $3.3 billion in TVL, saw a significant impact from this event. The temporary depeg serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with liquid restaking tokens, especially given their susceptibility to market dynamics and trading behaviors that can lead to sudden liquidity imbalances and price volatility. This incident has sparked discussions about the need for enhanced stability mechanisms within the LRT market to mitigate such risks in the future.

Trader capitalizes on market volatility following ezETH depeg

Amidst the turbulence caused by the ezETH depeg, a savvy crypto trader managed to turn a significant profit. According to on-chain intelligence firm Lookonchain, trader czsamsunsb.eth capitalized on the price discrepancy by trading large volumes of ETH for ezETH and back, netting a profit of 121.65 ETH, equivalent to over $396,000, within just two hours. The trader's quick action to exploit the price variation exemplifies the opportunistic strategies that can emerge during moments of market instability. 

This event not only highlights individual trading acumen but also underscores the broader market’s vulnerability to sharp, event-driven fluctuations that can create lucrative opportunities for those poised to react swiftly.