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Staking on My MIND: Morpheus Labs Launches ML SEED Staking Program

Expanding the ML SEED Ecosystem with $MIND staking

Morpheus Labs has introduced a new staking program for its $MIND token, aimed at enhancing participation and growth within its ML SEED ecosystem.

Key takeaways:

  • Morpheus Labs unveils new staking opportunities for the $MIND token with attractive annual returns.
  • A quiz offering free $MIND tokens will commence on April 26, coinciding with the staking program launch.
  • The initiative supports the transition of Web2 companies to Web3 through Morpheus Labs' comprehensive platform.

Morpheus Labs has recently launched a dedicated staking program for its native token, $MIND, designed to accelerate growth within its ML SEED ecosystem. This new staking opportunity comes with an annual percentage rate (APR) of 15% and a fixed staking period of 120 days, during which early withdrawals are not permitted. With 40 million $MIND tokens available for staking on Ethereum and an additional 10 million on Polygon, participants have a range of options. 

The minimum staking requirement is set at 10,000 $MIND, with a maximum cap at 500,000 $MIND per individual. This program is scheduled to conclude on August 7th, unless the total staking cap is reached earlier. Additionally, Morpheus Labs is enhancing user engagement through an interactive quiz on April 26th, allowing participants to earn free $MIND tokens and further incentivizing active involvement in the ecosystem.

Morpheus Labs' role in facilitating Web3 transition

Morpheus Labs positions itself as a pivotal force in aiding Web2 companies in their transition to Web3, providing a full suite of tools and services through its Blockchain-as-a-Service platform. The platform's offerings, powered by automation, AI, and low-code solutions, include coin creation, smart contracts, and website development, centered around the AI-driven SEED platform—Solution Environment for Enterprise Development. Morpheus Labs' strategic partnerships with major tech giants like Tencent, Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Ant Group underscore its significant role in the blockchain industry. 

These collaborations enhance its capability to support businesses at any stage of their blockchain integration process, making it a cornerstone for firms looking to leverage blockchain technology for innovative solutions and services.