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Cardano Clarifies: Hydra Scaling Project Far from Abandoned

Hydra project continues: Hoskinson dispels rumors

Rumors of Cardano's Hydra project's abandonment were recently quashed by Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano, in a definitive response to the community. Addressing concerns head-on, Hoskinson took to social media platform X, emphasizing: 

"I’m seeing some videos claiming that Hydra has been abandoned. It is just pure FUD." 

This statement came amidst speculation triggered by a YouTube video from The Cryptoviser, suggesting a pivot from Hydra following the announcement of integration with Hyperledger Firefly. Launched in May 2023, Hydra aims to enhance Cardano's transaction processing capabilities and reduce costs, integral to the blockchain's "Basho" scaling phase. Hoskinson's reassurance to his 980,000 followers underlined the unwavering progress and community engagement surrounding Hydra, noting: 

"The team has never been more productive and motivated, there is great community engagement and new papers on the way for enhancements to the protocol." 

This is not the first instance of Hoskinson defending Hydra against unfounded criticism, reinforcing the project's pivotal role in Cardano's development and scaling ambitions.

Cardano's commitment to scaling and community engagement

Despite facing what Hoskinson describes as a “wave of FUD” concerning its collaboration with digital ID platform World Mobile and its scaling roadmap, Cardano's determination remains unwavering. He lamented: 

“Man, it’s raining FUD this weekend, and I’m not sure about the origin. I guess it’s that time of the cycle where everyone freaks out about Cardano’s potential and roadmap, so they throw a wave of FUD at us.” 

However, Cardano's trajectory in decentralized finance (DeFi) is on an upward trend, reaching an all-time high DeFi total value locked (TVL) of $520 million on March 14, as reported by DefiLlama. While Cardano still trails behind blockchain giants like Ethereum, Tron, BNB Smart Chain, and Solana in TVL, Hoskinson's defense underscores a clear message: Cardano is not only here to stay but is actively forging its path forward, undeterred by the competition or misinformation.