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Conor Daly Is an Official Polkadot Brand Ambassador for the Indianapolis 500

Polkadot community elect Conor Daly to represent the brand at the upcoming 500-mile race 

In a groundbreaking move in sports sponsorship, the Polkadot community has chosen IndyCar racer Conor Daly as their brand ambassador for the Indianapolis 500 through an on-chain vote, marking a first in sports history.

Key takeaways:

  • Conor Daly was selected as Polkadot's brand ambassador for the Indianapolis 500 by a community vote, not a corporate decision.
  • This sponsorship highlights the application of blockchain technology for democratic decision-making in sports.
  • The initiative reflects Polkadot's commitment to promoting a decentralized, user-empowered web (Web3).

Conor Daly, a prominent figure in American professional racing, has been officially endorsed by the Polkadot community to represent them at the Indianapolis 500. This decision was made through an on-chain vote, where an overwhelming 95.8% of participants supported his sponsorship. Daly, known for his participation in both the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500 in the same year, extends his influence off the track as well, engaging fans through various public appearances and his motorsports podcast, Speed Street. 

This innovative selection process not only highlights Daly's popularity but also Polkadot's unique approach to leveraging blockchain for more than just financial transactions. 

 Daly remarked, underscoring the democratic ethos of Web3 envisioned by Polkadot:

"The fact that thousands of individuals in the Polkadot community - not a corporate marketing team - used their voices to vote and select me as their ambassador is an incredible honor,"

Implications of Polkadot’s decentralized sponsorship model

Polkadot's decision to use a community vote to determine their sports ambassador illustrates a significant shift from traditional sponsorship models, which are usually conducted behind closed doors. This transparency and communal participation in decision-making processes demonstrate the potential of blockchain to transform conventional approaches in various industries, including sports. 

Chris Wade, the Polkadot community member who led the proposal, emphasized the importance of this move, stating: 

“This landmark sponsorship proves the transformative power and trust of blockchain technology in making a previously exclusive process open and inclusive.” 

As Polkadot continues to push the boundaries of decentralized governance, this sponsorship may serve as a blueprint for future collaborations across different sectors, promoting a shift towards more inclusive and community-driven business practices.