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Hong Kong’s Financial Regulator Alerts Public to Fake MEXC Crypto Exchange Scam

The SFC sounds a scam alert on imposter crypto exchange

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong issued a stark warning against a fraudulent entity masquerading as the reputable cryptocurrency exchange MEXC. This imposter, through a sophisticated scheme involving eight distinct websites all bearing the MEXC name within their domain, has been deceitfully luring investors. 

The SFC's alert comes in the wake of increasing incidents where potential investors were duped into transferring funds into bank accounts controlled by the fraudsters, under the guise of legitimate investments. Victims, enticed by the prospects of buying cryptocurrencies, found themselves ensnared, facing insurmountable challenges when attempting to retrieve their investments. 

The statement from the SFC explicitly warns:

 “On these chat groups, victims interested in buying cryptocurrencies were referred to websites operated by MEXC. Victims were then asked to deposit funds into designated bank accounts for investment purposes but after that they reported difficulties with fund withdrawal.”

This announcement is part of a broader initiative by the SFC to clamp down on virtual asset trading providers (VATPs) engaging in illegal activities.

SFC's investigation and public warning

Amidst growing concerns over fraudulent activities in the crypto space, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has ramped up its vigilance, identifying eight websites associated with the fraudulent entity impersonating MEXC. These websites, with domain names eerily similar to the genuine MEXC exchange, such as “” and “,” serve as a stark reminder of the sophisticated tactics employed by scammers to mislead investors. 

The SFC's statement cautions the public, emphasizing the potential for the creation of more deceptive sites:

 “The public should beware of websites with similar domain names which may be continuously created by MEXC.”

This warning is a critical component of the SFC's September 2023 initiative to publish a comprehensive list of licensed, deemed licensed, and application-pending virtual asset trading providers (VATPs), alongside those that have ceased operations. The goal is to provide the public with a reliable resource to distinguish regulated entities from possible unregulated ventures, enhancing the transparency and security of virtual asset trading in Hong Kong.

Furthermore, the actions of the real MEXC exchange have come under scrutiny following reports in December 2023 of the exchange freezing traders’ accounts and seizing funds due to "abnormal trading activities." This situation has exacerbated the crypto community's concerns, highlighted by the plight of a trader known as Vida, who alleged a loss of $92,000 in Tether USDT tokens after engaging in futures trading on MEXC’s platform.