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Humanode Surpasses All with Highest Nakamoto Coefficient, Becoming Most Decentralized Blockchain

Achieving unprecedented decentralization

Humanode, a Layer-1 blockchain developed with the Polkadot SDK, has set a new standard in blockchain decentralization, achieving the highest Nakamoto Coefficient to date.

Key takeaways:

  • Humanode achieves a Nakamoto Coefficient of 236, becoming the most decentralized blockchain network.
  • The blockchain uses cryptobiometric technology to ensure one node per person, enhancing security and fairness.

Humanode has emerged as the most decentralized blockchain network, marked by a record-setting Nakamoto Coefficient of 236. This metric surpasses the previous leader, Mina, which had a coefficient of 155, and places Polkadot in the third position. The Nakamoto Coefficient is crucial as it indicates the number of node operators required to potentially disrupt the network, with a higher number signifying greater decentralization.

Innovations behind Humanode’s success

The exceptional level of decentralization achieved by Humanode is attributed to its unique validation mechanism.

Victor explains, co-founder of Humanode:

"Proof-of-Stake blockchains tend to centralize around the biggest validators or staking protocols. We wanted to change this," 

The platform ensures that one individual can operate only one node, verified through cryptobiometric technology. This approach not only equalizes power among validators but also scales decentralization directly with the increase in human nodes.

Looking forward, Humanode plans to introduce a governance protocol that further embodies its democratic principles. In this system, each human node will have one vote, paving the way for the first truly democratic Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will guide the development of the core protocol and its ecosystem.

Victor added: 

"Imagine the level of decentralization when we reach 10,000 or even 1 million nodes. A coordinated attack becomes almost impossible, making Humanode arguably the most decentralized project ever,"