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Salvadorans Re-Elect the Pro-Bitcoin President Nayib Bukele

Nayib Bukele gets re-elected - El Salvador to remain Bitcoin-friendly

Nayib Bukele has declared a sweeping victory in the 2024 presidential elections, positioning him to extend his role as El Salvador's president until 2029. Under Bukele's innovative leadership since 2021, El Salvador has garnered global attention by embracing Bitcoin as its legal tender, a move unprecedented in national governance.

Bukele's administration has been marked by bold initiatives that intertwine governance with cryptocurrency, not least of which was the historic decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. This move, spearheaded by Bukele in September 2021, not only positioned El Salvador as a trailblazer in the crypto world but also saw the nation actively investing in Bitcoin, culminating in a portfolio that boasted a profit of $3.6 million by the end of last year.

Echoing Bukele's victory, an exit poll by CID Gallup indicated a staggering 87% support rate, mirroring the president's announcement of securing over 85% of the vote. This overwhelming mandate is anticipated to further Bukele's crypto-friendly policies, with Vice President Felix Ulloa confirming plans to sustain Bitcoin's legal status.

Amidst tackling significant challenges like gang-related crime, which notably contributed to his rising approval ratings, Bukele's government has not shied away from innovative economic strategies. The introduction of the "Freedom Visa," which offers residency or citizenship for a $1 million investment in Bitcoin or USDT, underscores El Salvador's commitment to leveraging cryptocurrency for national development and global appeal.

Bukele's re-election not only reaffirms his popular leadership but also signals El Salvador's continued path as a pioneering nation in the adoption and integration of cryptocurrencies into its economic and legal frameworks.