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The Airdrop Overview: Over $700M in Crypto Tokens to be Distributed

AltLayer kickstarts airdrop season with a massive $100M token distribution

The cryptocurrency community is buzzing with excitement as AltLayer spearheads an airdrop extravaganza, dispersing over $100 million in tokens to early adopters. This event marks a significant moment in the Ethereum scaling solution's journey, setting the stage for more airdrops in the coming week. AltLayer's airdrop, which launched at 9:00 am UTC on January 25th, involves a staggering 300 million ALT tokens. At the current average price of $0.32, this amounts to a hefty $96 million in digital currency.

AltLayer (@alt_layer):

“Update: $ALT Airdrop Claims have now opened as of 9:00 AM UTC.

Those eligible for AltLayer Airdrop Season One - please visit the official airdrop website to claim your $ALT!

Rest assured you will have one month to claim your $ALT tokens.”

Eligibility for this first season of AltLayer's airdrop is a boon for early users, who are encouraged to claim their $ALT tokens via the official airdrop website within a one-month window. However, Celestia stakers must exercise patience due to a delay caused by technical nuances in the claiming process. This substantial airdrop by AltLayer is just the tip of the iceberg, as several other projects are gearing up to release their tokens to eligible claimants shortly.

Upcoming airdrops from Dymension and Jupiter amplify excitement

As AltLayer sets the crypto airdrop scene ablaze, Dymension and Jupiter are not far behind, ready to unleash their own token giveaways. Dymension, known for its multilayer rollup deployment, is on the cusp of launching its mainnet. In tandem, it plans to airdrop a colossal 70 million DYM tokens. This distribution is tailored to benefit Celestia stakers and Pudgy Penguin NFT holders, while also extending to participants in the Solana and Ethereum ecosystems. 

Unfortunately, for those who missed the January 21 claiming deadline, the opportunity to partake in Dymension's airdrop has slipped away.

In another corner of the crypto universe, the Solana-based decentralized exchange Jupiter is preparing for a grand entry with its JUP token, set to launch on January 31st. An astronomical 1 billion tokens are poised for distribution, with the airdrop's value estimated at a staggering $410 million, based on current pre-market trading prices of around $0.41 per JUP token.

Additional airdrop opportunities and cautions against scams

The airdrop season extends beyond AltLayer, Dymension, and Jupiter, offering further excitement for crypto enthusiasts. Bitcoin Ordinals users are poised for a potential windfall with the introduction of "Runestone," a decentralized fairdrop initiative. Spearheaded by pseudonymous developer Leonidas, Runestone aims to reward early adopters of the Ordinals Protocol, emphasizing fairness and transparency in its distribution approach.

Leonidas (@LeonidasNFT):

“Introducing Runestone

Symbol: ᛤ

Mission: Create a fair, open source, transparent, volunteer, and decentralized initiative to reward people who participated in the first year of the Ordinals Protocol.

Snapshot: Block height 826,600


However, amidst this flurry of airdrop activity, a word of caution is warranted. The surge in airdrop announcements has unfortunately attracted scam artists, particularly on X (formerly Twitter). Crypto users should remain vigilant, as these fraudulent accounts often mimic official crypto firms, luring unsuspecting users to malicious "airdrop claims" websites that could drain their wallets.