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US and South Korea's Legal Battle over Do Kwon's Extradition Intensifies

Legal clash over Do Kwon's extradition escalates

The battle over Do Kwon's extradition heats up as the United States and South Korea vie for custody. Since his arrest in March 2023, both nations have aggressively pursued his extradition. In a recent development, U.S. prosecutors are challenging a Montenegrin high court's decision, which seemed to favor sending Terraform Labs' founder to South Korea. The U.S. Department of Justice, adhering to international legal frameworks and bilateral agreements, remains firm in its pursuit. A March 7 report from Bloomberg quoted the DOJ:

"continues to seek Kwon’s extradition in accordance with relevant international and bilateral agreements and Montenegrin law," 

underscoring the commitment to ensuring that Kwon faces justice under U.S. law. 

This legal tussle highlights the complexities of international law and the high stakes involved in cross-border criminal proceedings.

Navigating the international legal maze: Do Kwon’s case

Do Kwon’s legal entanglement takes a new turn as the Montenegro Appeals Court overrules a prior decision, redirecting him towards extradition to South Korea. This critical moment came after the U.S. had anticipated Kwon's transfer following a February 21 ruling. However, citing "significant violations of the provisions of criminal procedure," the appeals court halted the U.S. extradition plans. In the intricate dance of legal jurisdictions, the U.S. faces the option to elevate their appeal to Montenegro's Supreme Court, the zenith of the nation's judicial hierarchy. 

Kwon, facing eight charges in the U.S. including fraud and market manipulation linked to the Terra ecosystem's $40 billion debacle, and similar charges in South Korea, prefers extradition to the latter, closer to family and possibly facing a 40-year sentence. After evading authorities using a fake Costa Rican passport, Kwon's arrest in March 2023 marked the beginning of an international legal saga.