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Who’s the Crypto President? Trump Holds Slim 9% Lead Over Biden Among Retail Investors in US

Crypto community's political leanings: Trump has the advantage, survey says

According to Paradigm's recent surveys, the U.S. cryptocurrency owner community exhibits a clear preference in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, with 48% favoring Donald Trump over Joe Biden, who garnered 39% support, leaving 13% undecided. This 9% divide indicates a more pronounced support for Trump among crypto owners compared to the broader electorate, where Trump's favorability stands at 45% against Biden's 42%.

The shift in political allegiance among crypto investors since the 2020 elections is noteworthy. 

The report reveals, noting that 43% of crypto holders recall voting for Biden in 2020, as opposed to 39% for Trump:

"The respondents’ attitudes are almost the opposite of the 2020 election when most crypto holders had a more positive attitude toward Biden," 

Paradigm's survey, which polled 1,000 registered voters, highlights that 19% currently hold crypto, and 16% are likely to invest in the future. These figures suggest that the crypto investor demographic could significantly influence the election outcome, potentially swaying it in Trump's favor.

Bipartisan interest in crypto: potential election influence

Cryptocurrency investment transcends political divisions, with nearly equal percentages of Democrats (19%) and Republicans (18%) reporting they have invested in crypto, according to a Paradigm survey. This bipartisan interest is further highlighted among independent voters, 24% of whom have delved into cryptocurrency investments. This broad participation suggests crypto is a significant, non-partisan issue that could influence electoral outcomes.

Paradigm's findings also reveal a nuanced perspective on political trust concerning cryptocurrency policy. A considerable 49% of Americans express distrust in both political parties' stance on crypto, including 40% of Democrats and 30% of Republicans. This skepticism underscores a desire for clearer, more comprehensive crypto policies from both sides of the aisle.

Highlighting the importance of crypto to the electorate, Paradigm urges policymakers to recognize that "a fifth of the country is not a niche subgroup." With thoughtful policy proposals on cryptocurrency, political parties have the opportunity to engage a pivotal and growing voter base actively.

The data, collected by Public Opinion Strategies, reflects the nuanced stance of the crypto community on political matters, suggesting that successful engagement with this demographic could be crucial for the 2024 election outcomes.