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Ebbs and Flows of Bitcoin ETF Market: GBTC Sees Biggest Capital Flight Yet

Volatility in the Bitcoin ETF Market: GBTC suffers record outflow 

Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) went through its largest single-day outflow since transforming into a spot Bitcoin ETF, with more than $640 million worth of Bitcoin exiting on March 18. Nonetheless, the sentiment among ETF analysts remains positive regarding the momentum of Bitcoin ETFs. 

Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETF, another major player in the space, saw its lowest inflow day on record, with just $5.9 million entering, as detailed by Farside Investors data. This day of noteworthy movements contributed to a net outflow of $154.3 million across all spot Bitcoin ETFs. Amid these shifts, Bitcoin’s price has seen a downturn, currently trading at $65,875, reflecting a 10.5% drop from its recent peak.


Market analysts are attributing the price dip to various factors, including slowed ETF flows, the impending Bitcoin halving event, and anticipation of the United States Federal Reserve’s FOMC meeting.

Analysts maintain an optimistic outlook amid ETF fluctuations

Despite the recent downturn in inflows and the significant outflow experienced by Grayscale’s GBTC, analysts project a bright future for Bitcoin ETFs. "More than $640 million flowed out... marking the largest day of outflows for the fund," yet the perspective on the future of Bitcoin ETFs remains largely positive. Grant Englebart, Vice President of Carlson Group, conveyed optimism in a Bloomberg TV interview, noting a modest yet significant engagement with Bitcoin ETFs among investors. 

Englebart shared, revealing an average investment ratio of 3.5% of total funds towards Bitcoin ETFs:

“Only a ‘handful’ of our firm’s advisers had seen clients allocate funds to Bitcoin ETFs,” 

Echoing this sentiment, Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas highlighted the cautious yet growing interest from investors, stating: 

“So far it’s only ones into BTC already, they are [a] ‘handful’ of early adopters inquiring, then making allocations.” 

Balchunas further added that current inflows primarily stem from inbound traffic, indicating a potential uptick in broader investor interest as awareness and familiarity with Bitcoin ETFs increase.

Long-term optimism anchored in remaining Bitcoin holdings

The crypto community watches closely as Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust maneuvers through its largest outflows. Despite these challenges, long-term optimism thrives among market commentators. Allesandro Ottavani, a well-regarded crypto market commentator, took to X to highlight the potential silver lining.

Ottavani observed, pointing towards a sustainable future for the fund despite current sell-offs: 

“GBTC had 378k Bitcoin and today sold 9.6k Bitcoin. Good news is that they cannot go on with this pace for so long,” 

This perspective is bolstered by the broader market’s reaction to the conversion of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust to a spot ETF and the approval of nine other spot Bitcoin ETFs by entities including BlackRock and Fidelity.