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The FTX estate has successfully completed its second tranche of locked Solana token sales, attracting bids around the $100 mark and signaling robust investor interest.
02 may 2024
With the upcoming auction of locked Solana tokens, FTX's estate continues to navigate the complex process of asset liquidation, drawing keen interest from the cryptocurrency investment community.
24 april 2024
John Ray III, CEO of FTX, refutes Sam Bankman-Fried's claims of solvency and minimal customer loss, revealing only 105 BTC remained against 100,000 customer claims at bankruptcy.
21 march 2024
The bankrupt crypto firms FTX and BlockFi agree on an 'in principle' settlement nearing $1 billion, signaling potential full recovery for BlockFi customers.
07 march 2024
FTX resolves its European division dispute by selling it back to the original founders for $32.7 million.
25 february 2024
FTX gains legal approval to sell its Anthropic shares, aiming to bolster its cash reserves for creditor repayment.
23 february 2024
Creditors of the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX have launched a class-action lawsuit against Sullivan & Cromwell, accusing the law firm of aiding FTX's fraudulent activities.
18 february 2024
Celsius announces successful distribution of $2 billion in crypto to 172K creditors, marking a significant step in its post-bankruptcy restructuring plan.
17 february 2024
A bankruptcy judge permits Genesis Global Holdco to liquidate $1.3 billion in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares to pay back investors.
15 february 2024
FTX seeks to divest Digital Custody for $500K, marking a significant shift in bankruptcy strategy and asset reallocation.
12 february 2024