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Cryptostake explains the intricate process of Bitcoin mining, examining the factors influencing the duration required to mine Bitcoin, alongside technological advancements and economic considerations shaping the mining landscape.
08 may 2024
As Bitcoin approaches its fourth mining-reward halving, Goldman Sachs warns investors against relying solely on historical data for price predictions, citing current macroeconomic conditions.
18 april 2024
Industry expert Mitchell Askew of Blockware Solutions argues that the recent decline in Bitcoin miner stocks due to fears about post-halving profitability is unfounded.
17 april 2024
Analysts predict significant Bitcoin sales from miners post-halving, potentially stabilizing prices for several months.
15 april 2024
The significant control China holds over Bitcoin mining in the United States raises national security concerns, urging Congress to take action.
13 april 2024
A recently introduced bill in Paraguay aimed at banning crypto mining for 180 days could result in an annual loss of more than $200 million for the country's economy, according to industry experts.
08 april 2024
Improved market conditions have encouraged previously unprofitable Bitcoin miners to come back online, contributing to a 14.7% increase in Bitcoin's hash rate since the start of 2024.
04 april 2024
Iceland's Prime Minister expresses intentions to prioritize renewable energy for local needs over crypto mining amidst global shifts in mining locations.
24 march 2024
How the upcoming Bitcoin halving is poised to challenge the profitability and operational efficiency of Bitcoin mining operations.
22 march 2024
Investment bank Benchmark praises Bitdeer's low operational costs and innovative technology.
15 march 2024