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A group of Swiss-based Bitcoin enthusiasts, led by the nonprofit think tank 2B4CH, are renewing their campaign to persuade the Swiss National Bank to adopt Bitcoin, citing potential benefits for the country's financial independence and security.
22 april 2024
Following lawsuits from industry players, the EIA halts its Bitcoin mining survey and agrees to discard collected data.
02 march 2024
Cryptostake unveils the significant environmental impacts of Bitcoin mining worldwide, and the need for urgent policy and technological interventions.
16 february 2024
European Bitcoin ETPs see a decline in interest as US institutions pivot to newly launched domestic Bitcoin ETFs, signaling a shift in investment strategies.
21 january 2024
The SEC invites public comments on proposed rule changes for options trading on Bitcoin ETFs, including those by BlackRock and Cboe.
20 january 2024
South Korea's shifting stance on spot Bitcoin ETFs in response to recent developments in the United States.
19 january 2024