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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has called for comments on Ethereum spot ETF applications from Grayscale Investments, Fidelity, and Bitwise, despite doubts about approval following the agency's recent approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs.
04 april 2024
Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan expresses strong belief in Ethereum's future, teasing a potential product to encompass the diverse DeFi ecosystem.
01 april 2024
Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan forecasts a significant influx of over $1 trillion into Bitcoin via ETFs, driven by a modest 1% allocation from global wealth managers.
29 march 2024
Bitwise reveals that institutions with assets in the trillions are poised to invest in Bitcoin ETFs by mid-2024, potentially spurring significant market growth.
11 march 2024
Bitwise's CIO Matt Hougan advises caution against investing in overhyped cryptos, highlighting the risks of the current bullish market.
09 march 2024
Bitwise anticipates major institutional investment in Bitcoin ETFs, signaling a significant market shift towards digital assets.
09 march 2024
The Carlson Group selects four Bitcoin ETFs for its financial advisers, focusing on trading volume, asset growth, and competitive fees.
25 february 2024
The SEC is considering rule changes to enable options trading on Bitcoin ETFs, including Bitwise and Grayscale, seeking public input.
24 february 2024