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Tether's CEO Paolo Ardoino has countered claims by Ripple's CEO Brad Garlinghouse about US government scrutiny of Tether, defending the compliance and stability of the USDt stablecoin.
13 may 2024
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse discusses the growing pressure from the US government on Tether, emphasizing its significant role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and potential implications for the market.
13 may 2024
The North Korean hacking group Kimsuky is reportedly using a new malware, dubbed 'Durian,' to infiltrate South Korean cryptocurrency firms, deploying a variety of cyber tools to steal data and potentially funds.
13 may 2024
Two Bitcoin wallets, inactive for over ten years, have stirred, transferring a combined total of 1,000 BTC, now valued at $61 million. The movement has intrigued the crypto community, raising speculations about the owners and their intentions.
13 may 2024
Traders speculate on Bitcoin's future, drawing parallels to its post-2016 halving behavior. With historical patterns as a guide, expectations for Bitcoin to soar to new heights are discussed.
12 may 2024
Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, voices concerns that the SEC's enforcement actions are designed to suppress innovation in cryptocurrency, specifically targeting Ethereum's development and integration into the financial landscape.
10 may 2024
Swan Bitcoin's Dante Cook suggests a potential surge in Bitcoin investment as a response to a weakening Japanese yen and its impact on U.S. treasuries.
09 may 2024
A significant portion of Ether has been returned to ZKasino's wallet, potentially signaling refunds for victims of the alleged exit scam.
09 may 2024
Robinhood reports a 224% surge in crypto trading volume in Q1, significantly boosting its transaction-based revenue, despite looming SEC regulatory actions.
09 may 2024
The SEC has filed its final reply in the Ripple XRP case, emphasizing the potential for future violations and disputing Ripple's claims of non-recklessness and legal compliance.
08 may 2024