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Cardano's financial reserves have reached a new milestone, highlighting the blockchain's robust funding mechanism designed to support future development and community-led projects.
15 may 2024
Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson explores potential integration with Bitcoin Cash through a community poll, gathering significant support for the proposal.
06 may 2024
Crypto analyst Ali Martinez predicts a potential 4,000% rally for Cardano (ADA) based on historical market patterns and recent price movements.
05 may 2024
With recent developments and market trends, experts weigh in on the potential price movement for Cardano (ADA) over the upcoming weekend.
03 may 2024
David Schwartz of Ripple and Charles Hoskinson of Cardano engage in a heated exchange on social media about the regulatory scrutiny of XRP, highlighting deeper issues within the crypto regulatory environment.
01 may 2024
Recent data reveals a significant increase in Cardano whale transactions, suggesting a possible price surge as ADA shows signs of market recovery.
01 may 2024
Recent on-chain data shows a slight drop in Cardano's non-empty wallets, contrasting with growth in other top cryptocurrencies and raising questions about ADA's market position.
30 april 2024
A deep dive into Cardano's current market position and profitability indicators suggests ADA might be undervalued.
29 april 2024
A look at how influencer Max Maher's partnership is fueling the rise of the Cardano memecoin, SNEK.
28 april 2024
Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson remains bullish on the network's future, pointing to the upcoming Chang hard fork and Ouroboros Leios upgrade as key developments, despite recent criticism from influencers like BitBoy.
08 april 2024