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A significant portion of Ether has been returned to ZKasino's wallet, potentially signaling refunds for victims of the alleged exit scam.
09 may 2024
A man faces charges for orchestrating a large-scale cryptojacking operation, using over $3.5 million in unlawfully obtained cloud computing resources to mine cryptocurrencies.
16 april 2024
The criminal fraud and manipulation trial of crypto trader Avi Eisenberg, accused of illegally gaming Mango Markets' futures contracts and walking away with $110 million in cryptocurrencies, is set to begin on Tuesday, putting decentralized finance (DeFi) under the microscope and testing the government's legal strategy.
09 april 2024
Cryptostake explains how blockchain analysis and monitoring tools play a crucial role in detecting and preventing cryptocurrency fraud.
05 april 2024
Ethereum layer 2 Base has seen an 18-fold increase in cryptocurrency funds stolen from phishing scams in March compared to January.
02 april 2024
Cryptostake helps you explore the concept of rug pulls in cryptocurrency, understand their types, and learn six critical ways to spot and avoid them.
01 april 2024
A judge has ruled that Silvergate Bank must face allegations of aiding FTX fraud, marking a significant development in the case.
22 march 2024
Lawyers for Sam Bankman-Fried argue that the proposed 50-year prison sentence overstates his crimes, suggesting a more lenient term based on the case's specifics.
20 march 2024
After a sophisticated SIM-swap attack led to the Trezor X account promoting fraudulent token sales, the cryptocurrency community calls for increased security vigilance.
20 march 2024
Following his conviction, the DOJ proposes a 40-50 year prison sentence and an $11 billion fine for FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried.
16 march 2024