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Tokyo-based investment firm Metaplanet adopts Bitcoin as a strategic reserve asset, accumulating 117.7 BTC in response to Japan's economic challenges, including a weakening yen.
13 may 2024
Cryptostake explains the intricate process of Bitcoin mining, examining the factors influencing the duration required to mine Bitcoin, alongside technological advancements and economic considerations shaping the mining landscape.
08 may 2024
Crypto whales are accumulating Polkadot (DOT) as the platform gears up for transformative updates with Polkadot 2.0, aiming for increased interoperability and efficiency.
07 may 2024
Ethereum developer Yoav Weiss outlines the development and future plans of ERC-4337, aiming to enhance Ethereum's usability with smart contract wallets.
06 may 2024
The Zeus Network is set to launch a new cross-chain bridge, facilitating seamless interactions between Bitcoin and Solana's DeFi ecosystem with its innovative ZPL-powered zBTC token.
02 may 2024
Ankr enhances the AI-powered Talus blockchain by integrating Bitcoin liquid staking tokens.
02 may 2024
Amid recent struggles, Polkadot may find a resurgence through AI innovations, as predicted by market expert Michael van de Poppe.
29 april 2024
SnowBridge garners strong community support to link Polkadot with Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem.
28 april 2024
Raffle Coin is attracting attention from hedge funds, Cosmos, and DAI communities with its promising returns and innovative platform.
28 april 2024
Unique convergence of technology and cryptocurrency offers an illustrative case of innovative marketing strategies in the blockchain space, potentially setting a precedent for future tech product launches.
26 april 2024