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Bitcoin navigates through the final days of its post-halving "danger zone," retesting the $60,000 support level amid speculation and institutional activity, setting the stage for potential future movements.
12 may 2024
An analysis forecasts a Bitcoin sell-side liquidity crisis by September due to massive institutional inflows into spot Bitcoin ETFs, signaling a potential tipping point.
12 march 2024
CryptoStake presents its start-of-the-week analysis of the Bitcoin price, amidst the ongoing bullish frenzy.
04 march 2024
CryptoStake analyzes the continuation of a powerful rally that took Bitcoin to new heights at $57,000, with the majority of other cryptocurrencies pumping as well.
27 february 2024
Is this the start of a new bull run? CryptoStake examines the recent price surge in the crypto market.
26 february 2024
CryptoStake keeps you updated on the latest cryptocurrency market movements that matter, as Bitcoin's price surpasses $51,000 and total market capitalization reaches $1 trillion.
14 february 2024
A mid-week cryptocurrency market analysis seeking answers to why the cryptocurrency market is crashing today.
24 january 2024
CryptoStake examines why crypto is down at the beginning of this week, and offers Bitcoin and altcoin price predictions.
22 january 2024
CryptoStake analyzes how the cryptocurrency market responded to the historic event that was the Bitcoin ETF approval.
15 january 2024
Samson Mow's prediction of Bitcoin hitting $1 million, fueled by supply shock and market dynamics.
15 january 2024