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Coinbase faces allegations of operating as an unregistered broker-dealer, with a lawsuit claiming it sold cryptocurrencies like Solana and NEAR as unregistered securities.
06 may 2024
A class-action lawsuit could pivot from targeting former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried to focusing on the influencers of the crypto exchange, pending court approval.
20 april 2024
A man faces charges for orchestrating a large-scale cryptojacking operation, using over $3.5 million in unlawfully obtained cloud computing resources to mine cryptocurrencies.
16 april 2024
Shakeeb Ahmed has been sentenced to three years in prison after stealing over $12 million from two decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.
13 april 2024
Tron Foundation disputes SEC's authority over international digital asset transactions, emphasizing the global nature of its operations.
01 april 2024
Memecoins, created after the FTX founder, pumped and, predictably, dumped after Sam Bankman-Fried’s 25-year sentence.
29 march 2024
The SEC targets Ripple Labs with a $1.95 billion fine over alleged securities law violations.
26 march 2024
Letters from FTX creditors to a judge reveal the profound emotional and financial impact of the exchange’s collapse, as Sam Bankman-Fried faces sentencing.
19 march 2024
In a document revealed by prosecutors, Sam Bankman-Fried explores unconventional ideas, including political shifts and media engagements, to mitigate his image post-arrest.
17 march 2024
The COPA trial judge dismantles Craig Wright's claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto and the author of the Bitcoin whitepaper.
15 march 2024