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Bitcoin is currently in a low-volatility consolidation phase, described by experts as the 'bore you to death' stage, which might signal that the market bottom is near. Analysts weigh in on this period of low activity and potential for an upcoming rally.
13 may 2024
Despite recent declines, the altcoin market may be on the brink of a significant rally, according to analysts who are tracking three critical indicators that could signal an upcoming surge in altcoin valuations.
12 may 2024
Ethena's ENA governance token records a significant price jump as Bybit integrates its USDe token as collateral in derivatives trading, enhancing the token's utility and appeal in both CeFi and DeFi sectors.
08 may 2024
Bitcoin’s long-term indicators are more optimistic than ever, with the 200-day moving average reaching unprecedented levels, signaling enduring strength in the market according to experts like Anthony Pompliano.
07 may 2024
Financial analysts forecast a notable increase in Polkadot's (DOT) value, with predictions suggesting a potential surge up to $100 in the upcoming bull run.
07 may 2024
While Polkadot experiences a significant increase in user activity in Q1, its revenue faces a steep decline, according to a recent Messari report.
06 may 2024
Ethereum's stablecoin transaction volume set a new record in April, largely fueled by significant activity in DAI, despite the impact of flash loans on reported figures.
06 may 2024
Significant Bitcoin accumulation by whales signals a potential market turnaround, as Bitcoin attempts to stabilize above the $60,000 mark.
05 may 2024
Amidst a market recovery, Solana and Shiba Inu emerge as significant assets due to unique developments and market dynamics.
05 may 2024
Crypto analyst Ali Martinez predicts a potential 4,000% rally for Cardano (ADA) based on historical market patterns and recent price movements.
05 may 2024