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Improved market conditions have encouraged previously unprofitable Bitcoin miners to come back online, contributing to a 14.7% increase in Bitcoin's hash rate since the start of 2024.
04 april 2024
Bitfarms announces a $240 million investment in mining equipment upgrades to remain profitable after the Bitcoin halving in 2024, aiming to triple its hash rate to 21 EH/s.
03 april 2024
Riot Platforms records a significant 19% rise in Bitcoin mining, totaling 6,626 BTC in 2023, alongside a notable revenue boost.
25 february 2024
The upcoming Bitcoin halving could drive US miners towards more cost-effective locations abroad, impacting global hash rate distribution.
24 february 2024
Galaxy Digital's report predicts significant offline shifts in Bitcoin's mining landscape post-halving, affecting older rigs' viability.
16 february 2024