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MicroStrategy announces a new $500 million bond offering aimed at expanding its Bitcoin portfolio, reinforcing Michael Saylor's belief in BTC as the ultimate investment asset.
14 march 2024
MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor encourages viewing Bitcoin as digital property over a currency, highlighting its potential as a long-term capital preservation tool.
12 march 2024
Hackers target MicroStrategy's X account, initiating a phishing scam involving a fake Ethereum token airdrop, causing significant financial losses.
26 february 2024
Michael Saylor articulates why Bitcoin remains MicroStrategy's undefeated investment choice, predicting a significant shift of capital into the cryptocurrency.
21 february 2024
The implications of MicroStrategy's potential inclusion in the S&P 500 index and its effect on Bitcoin's integration into mainstream portfolios.
16 february 2024
Significant rise in Bitcoin prices to a two-year peak and its positive ripple effect on MicroStrategy and mining stocks, marking a notable week of double-digit gains.
13 february 2024
Recent data reveals that Bitcoin ETFs, excluding GBTC, now hold more BTC than MicroStrategy, underscoring a significant shift in cryptocurrency ownership dynamics.
09 february 2024
MicroStrategy strives to establish itself as a leading Bitcoin investment alternative while reporting weak returns.
08 february 2024
Rapid accumulation of Bitcoin by nine spot Bitcoin ETFs, surpassing 100,000 BTC in just seven days, and contrasts this with the slower pace of MicroStrategy's Bitcoin investments.
24 january 2024