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Ark Invest and 21Shares have removed the ETH staking component from their spot Ethereum ETF proposal, signaling potential strategic adjustments in response to SEC feedback or as a preparatory move for impending SEC decisions.
12 may 2024
The expansion of restaking protocols from Ethereum to Solana, featuring key developments and participants.
04 may 2024
Learn how to earn passive income by staking Shiba Inu tokens with this easy-to-follow guide. Discover the best platforms and strategies for staking in 2024.
04 may 2024
Maximizing its earning potential when staking crypto requires a well-crafted strategy. CryptoStake offers insights into the basics of building a strategic staking approach for 2024 to extract the most value from your crypto holdings.
30 april 2024
Over the past two weeks, liquid staking derivatives have seen a substantial decrease in ETH, with Lido accounting for a significant portion of the outflow.
29 april 2024
As staking becomes a preferred method for earning passive income among crypto investors, CoinEx's initiative is set to simplify the process and provide secure and efficient investment opportunities.
26 april 2024
As the crypto industry recovers from recent major transactions and the 2024 Bitcoin halving, companies focusing on tokenizing real-world assets and developing liquid restaking protocols have successfully secured crucial funding to drive their growth.
23 april 2024
Despite strong growth in both markets, the average crypto staking reward is now 450% higher than the average dividend paid to investors in the S&P 500.
03 april 2024
Grayscale Investments unveils a new fund designed for affluent investors, emphasizing income from staking crypto tokens.
30 march 2024
Ethereum sees a significant shift with non-Geth clients now making up 34% of the network, marking progress in decentralization efforts.
26 march 2024