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ZachXBT, a prominent blockchain investigator, alleges that the IRS Criminal Investigation Unit has crossed personal boundaries in their efforts to seek his assistance in tackling blockchain crime.
06 april 2024
Analyzing the crypto policies and statements of Joe Biden and Donald Trump reveals neither has championed cryptocurrency, despite varied approaches.
16 march 2024
An appeals court has overturned a previous dismissal of a lawsuit against Binance, highlighting issues in the crypto exchange's securities practices.
10 march 2024
In the span of two years, Donald Trump's opinion on Bitcoin has undergone a significant transformation. CryptoStake now analyzes the probable reasons and consequences of this shift in attitude.
24 february 2024
A key SEC crypto lawyer transitions to a pro-crypto law firm, signaling a potential shift in the regulatory landscape amidst new legal challenges.
22 february 2024
The implications of MicroStrategy's potential inclusion in the S&P 500 index and its effect on Bitcoin's integration into mainstream portfolios.
16 february 2024
The US Department of the Treasury's Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence acknowledges that cryptocurrencies played a minor role in financing Hamas.
15 february 2024