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The IRS has introduced a draft of Form 1099-DA for digital asset transactions, sparking debate over privacy and the feasibility of its requirements.
20 april 2024
BlackRock's Larry Fink discusses the potential for an Ether ETF amidst SEC's consideration of Ethereum as a security.
28 march 2024
John Deaton, a well-known XRP promonent, announces a Senate run against Elizabeth Warren, investing $500k and seeking community support to raise $1M by March 31.
17 march 2024
A resolution by the US House Financial Services Committee to challenge SAB 121, aiming to enable banks to custody crypto assets.
01 march 2024
New U.S. Bitcoin ETFs soar past previous records, trading over $7.7 billion in a single day.
29 february 2024
In the span of two years, Donald Trump's opinion on Bitcoin has undergone a significant transformation. CryptoStake now analyzes the probable reasons and consequences of this shift in attitude.
24 february 2024