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The House of Representatives voted to repeal SEC's controversial crypto accounting policy, SAB 121, amidst strong opposition from President Biden who vows to veto the resolution.
09 may 2024
House Democrats, led by Rep. Sean Casten, are introducing legislation aimed at regulating cryptocurrency mixing services to prevent money laundering, highlighting broader concerns around the use of digital assets in illicit finance.
08 may 2024
U.S. lawmakers have proposed a bill to streamline the taxation of cryptocurrency staking rewards.
02 may 2024
The Biden administration's 2025 budget proposal seeks to tighten regulations on digital assets, targeting tax loopholes and expanding oversight to generate an estimated $10 billion in tax revenue.
12 march 2024
An appeals court has overturned a previous dismissal of a lawsuit against Binance, highlighting issues in the crypto exchange's securities practices.
10 march 2024
Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chair, addresses concerns and clarifies the U.S. position on the potential development of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).
08 march 2024
The SEC escalates its legal stance against Binance.US, alleging failure in regulatory compliance as the firm counters with claims of full cooperation.
06 march 2024
Following lawsuits from industry players, the EIA halts its Bitcoin mining survey and agrees to discard collected data.
02 march 2024
A resolution by the US House Financial Services Committee to challenge SAB 121, aiming to enable banks to custody crypto assets.
01 march 2024
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren calls for uniform regulations for crypto and traditional finance and seeks to limit Big Tech's dominance in AI model development.
28 february 2024