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The pro-crypto candidate John Deaton has outpaced Senator Elizabeth Warren in fundraising efforts, signaling potential shifts in the upcoming Senate race.
14 april 2024
The significant control China holds over Bitcoin mining in the United States raises national security concerns, urging Congress to take action.
13 april 2024
Five US senators propose legislation to prohibit the development of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), citing privacy concerns.
27 february 2024
Virginia proposes annual funding for newly established commissions on artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency, aiming to foster technological growth.
19 february 2024
New York Community Bancorp's acquisition of Signature Bank led to a dramatic stock plunge and a significant financial loss, signaling challenges in the banking sector.
01 february 2024
The U.S. government's planned $118 million Bitcoin sale in relation to the larger Grayscale Bitcoin Trust movements, offering insights into its market impact.
26 january 2024
Increasing politicization of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) in the U.S., highlighting the diverse opinions and debates emerging as the nation heads towards elections.
26 january 2024
Nasdaq's 2024 Global Financial Crime Report, Cryptostake explores the surprising absence of cryptocurrency in the context of $3.1 trillion in illicit financial flows.
24 january 2024
The latest court hearing where both Binance and the SEC faced criticism from the judge, highlighting key legal and regulatory challenges in the crypto industry.
23 january 2024
Eli Regalado, a Denver pastor, faces a lawsuit over allegedly misusing funds from the 'valueless' INDXcoin cryptocurrency, claiming divine inspiration for his actions.
21 january 2024