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Deus X and Bridgetower Launch $250M Crypto Infrastructure Platform in the UAE

A new frontier in crypto and AI investment opens in the Middle East

The financial sector of the Middle East is set for a transformative shift with the announcement of a $250 million venture by Deus X Capital and Bridgetower Capital. This ambitious initiative, Bridgetower Middle East, aims to bridge the gap between the region's institutional investors and the fields of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Situated in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, this venture is poised to become a cornerstone for digital asset services, leveraging the UAE's strategic position to foster innovation. With leadership from Tim Grant and Cory Pugh, this collaboration marks a significant milestone in the integration of advanced technologies into mainstream investment strategies in the Middle East.

Tim Grant:

“[Bridgetower ME] will serve as a launchpad to support a wide range of institutional clients who are looking to leverage new technologies in a scalable, compliant and cost-effective manner.”

The vision of Bridgetower Middle East: crypto, AI, and beyond

As detailed by Tim Grant, the initiative seeks to create a robust infrastructure for turnkey staking solutions and AI graphical processing units (GPUs), aiming to support a wide array of institutional clients. This platform promises to offer in-region node hosting for institutional staking and cutting-edge data center capabilities, encompassing AI GPUs, Web3 commerce, and private equity incubation services.

Cory Pugh's commitment to bolstering the venture with "substantial assets" beyond the initial investment underscores the depth of resources being marshaled. The strategic move is buoyed by the favorable regulatory environment in the UAE, which both leaders believe offers a solid foundation for ethical and legal business operations in the digital asset space.

Cory Pugh said:

“We believe [regional regulators] have created a strong roadmap for companies willing to operate their businesses in the highest ethical and legal manner, which in turn has instilled confidence in others looking to operate in the region,”

Strategic investments and regional expansion

The establishment of Bridgetower Middle East is a vital moment in the UAE's journey to becoming a global hub for digital assets and blockchain technology. With initial and ongoing investments from Deus X and Bridgetower Capital, including Deus X's recent lead in a $5.5 million funding round for Web3 gaming firm Saltwater Games, and Bridgetower's collaboration with the Solana Foundation, the venture is well-positioned for significant impact. 

This initiative not only reflects the growing interest in digital currencies and blockchain technology across the region but also aligns with the UAE's strategic vision to attract innovative enterprises and investments.

The potential for public listing on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange further illustrates the ambition of Deus X and Bridgetower Capital to integrate deeply into the local financial ecosystem, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of digital asset investments. As the Middle East continues to attract global players like Paxos and Iota, alongside strategic partnerships like Saudi Arabia’s NEOM project with Animoca Brands, Bridgetower Middle East stands at the forefront, poised to drive forward the integration of crypto and AI technologies into the regional economy.