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Despite strong growth in both markets, the average crypto staking reward is now 450% higher than the average dividend paid to investors in the S&P 500.
03 april 2024
Grayscale Investments unveils a new fund designed for affluent investors, emphasizing income from staking crypto tokens.
30 march 2024
Vitalik Buterin introduces a novel approach to Ethereum staking, aimed at improving decentralization by penalizing correlated validator failures.
28 march 2024
Ethereum sees a significant shift with non-Geth clients now making up 34% of the network, marking progress in decentralization efforts.
26 march 2024
In its meticulous style, CryptoStake assesses whether Cosmos (ATOM) proves to be a sound crypto investment in 2024.
18 march 2024
Ethena Labs leverages Ether futures and staking for high yield, significantly growing its treasury within weeks.
09 march 2024
As the cryptocurrency market enters another bullish cycle, CryptoStake examines whether Cardano (ADA) is a good investment in 2024.
08 march 2024
Discover how EigenLayer has become the second-largest DeFi protocol, overtaking Aave with $10.4 billion in TVL.
06 march 2024
CryptoStake investigates the root cause of the Ethereum crypto staking smart contract exploit that triggered the capitulation of the Shido token price.
01 march 2024
Blast's Ethereum L2 mainnet launch frees $2.3B in staked crypto, with 180,000 users withdrawing $400M.
01 march 2024