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A remarkable 10 million users have adopted Worldcoin's first native wallet since its launch in May 2023.
12 april 2024
Survey shows Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies than stocks.
12 april 2024
Steven Nerayoff, an early Ethereum adviser, has filed a notice of intent to sue the U.S. government for $9.6 billion, alleging he was set up by the FBI.
11 april 2024
Following the launch of EigenLayer's mainnet, several prominent firms, such as Google Cloud and Coinbase, have joined as operators to provide services and support the shared security model.
10 april 2024
The criminal fraud and manipulation trial of crypto trader Avi Eisenberg, accused of illegally gaming Mango Markets' futures contracts and walking away with $110 million in cryptocurrencies, is set to begin on Tuesday, putting decentralized finance (DeFi) under the microscope and testing the government's legal strategy.
09 april 2024
Three Brazilian cities—Jericoacoara, Rolante, and São Thomé das Letras—are embracing Bitcoin as a means of payment, driven by local non-profit projects and the Lightning Network.
07 april 2024
ZachXBT, a prominent blockchain investigator, alleges that the IRS Criminal Investigation Unit has crossed personal boundaries in their efforts to seek his assistance in tackling blockchain crime.
06 april 2024
Experts anticipate a surge in mergers and acquisitions to streamline the ecosystem, potentially leading to unique token combinations.
05 april 2024
Solana network appears to be struggling with a high transaction failure rate amid the memecoin mania, but proponents argue that the majority of failed transactions are due to bot spam and arbitrage attempts
05 april 2024
Ethereum layer 2 Base has seen an 18-fold increase in cryptocurrency funds stolen from phishing scams in March compared to January.
02 april 2024