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CryptoStake analyzes the latest surge in on-chain activity in the Ethereum network as its TVL exceeds $50 billion.
28 february 2024
Is this the start of a new bull run? CryptoStake examines the recent price surge in the crypto market.
26 february 2024
As Ether approaches the $3,000 mark, the crypto community buzzes with predictions of an imminent altseason, though some analysts urge caution.
20 february 2024
The Ethereum co-founder is highly optimistic about Verkle Trees, anticipating their activation of the "stateless validator client" and their potential to greatly enhance the solo Ethereum staking experience.
19 february 2024
Ethereum staking is one of the hottest things in crypto today as the total value of ETH locked in Beacon Chain exceeds $85 billion.
15 february 2024
Franklin Templeton has applied for a spot Ethereum ETF, aiming to integrate staking for additional shareholder income, amidst competition from leading firms.
13 february 2024
Successfully deployed on the testnet, proto-danksharding is an Ethereum blockchain upgrade that represents a step towards the Sharding upgrade, which aims to solve transaction cost and scalability issues.
08 february 2024
A mid-week cryptocurrency market analysis seeking answers to why the cryptocurrency market is crashing today.
24 january 2024
Recently, the market saw an unprecedented surge in Bitcoin and Ether options trading on Deribit, indicating a sophisticated and maturing crypto market.
12 december 2023
Vitalik Buterin reveals details concerning the Danksharding upgrade and its impact on Ethereum staking and beyond.
07 december 2023