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Vitalik Buterin introduces a novel approach to Ethereum staking, aimed at improving decentralization by penalizing correlated validator failures.
28 march 2024
Ethena Labs leverages Ether futures and staking for high yield, significantly growing its treasury within weeks.
09 march 2024
CryptoStake investigates the root cause of the Ethereum crypto staking smart contract exploit that triggered the capitulation of the Shido token price.
01 march 2024
The Ethereum co-founder is highly optimistic about Verkle Trees, anticipating their activation of the "stateless validator client" and their potential to greatly enhance the solo Ethereum staking experience.
19 february 2024
CryptoStake provides an in-depth explanation of current regulation and how crypto staking is taxed in the U.S.
13 february 2024
ARK 21Shares' updated Ethereum ETF application, highlighting the shift to a cash-creation model and the innovative introduction of staking to align with its Bitcoin ETF success.
08 february 2024
The Hong Kong investors in the Floki Staking program are now facing restrictions imposed by the provider, which has been flagged by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).
31 january 2024
Hong Kong's top financial regulator issued a warning about the risks of staking crypto through Floki and TokenFi programs, pointing to suspiciously high yields offered.
29 january 2024
MetaMask now offers the ability to stake crypto with access to an Ethereum validator, but there are reasons why it may not be the best staking crypto industry can offer.
27 january 2024
Cryptostake digs deeper in the inflation rate and future deflationary potential of Cardano's cryptocurrency, ADA.
15 january 2024